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Elevate Your Leadership:
Earn Your Doctor Of Business Administration (DBA)

Gain advanced expertise, conquer complex business challenges, and open doors to career success with our DBA. Acquire practical skills applicable immediately to your role. This pathway is your key to unlocking your full potential, propelling you for C-suite careers, entrepreneurship, or the highest echelons of advisory and leadership.

This is designed for busy executives to gain the latest business management knowledge quickly and conveniently with 100% online e-learning format.

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DBA Course
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Monthly Payment
Starts from USD 300

Accredited Program

100% Online

48 months
10 subjects

Doctor of Business Administration Programme
is suitable for

DBA Course

This program is designed for experienced business professionals like managers, consultants, business owners, and even teachers.

DBA Course

It helps you learn the latest in business strategy and practices. Earning a DBA can position you for higher-level leadership opportunities

DBA Course

The goal is to make you a leader who can improve your field and stay informed about what's happening in business today.

How is this program internationally recognised?

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ACBSP-Accredited: Recognized globally for its high standards, ACBSP accreditation signifies the program’s exceptional quality. ACBSP’s student-centered teaching and learning approach, which is measured and analyzed for quality, ensures that students gain the right skills from their educational investment. Institutions with programs accredited by ACBSP are committed to continuous improvement that ensures their business program will give students the skills employers want.

2 years with 10 subjects : Be a Leader in Your Field by applying Today!

240 UK Credit Points

Sample Certification

DBA Course

Unleash Your Potential as a Business Leader


Are you an ambitious CEO or key business executive poised to enhance your expertise and tackle intricate business hurdles head-on?


Unlock the path to greater leadership influence with our esteemed DBA program. Gain the strategic and communication skills necessary to earn respect from board members, peers, and shareholders alike. Our DBA equips you to confidently lead, navigate challenges, and drive organisational success. Enrol today and empower yourself to lead with confidence and distinction.

Qualification Benefits

Advanced Expertise

A DBA provides advanced expertise in business administration, strategic management, and leadership, enabling individuals to tackle complex business challenges with confidence and proficiency.

Professional Recognition

Attaining a DBA signifies a high level of professional achievement and dedication to continuous learning. It enhances credibility and can lead to increased recognition within the business community and academia.

Research Proficiency

Become the subject matter expert. DBA candidates develop strong research skills, including qualitative and quantitative methodologies, enhancing their ability to conduct thorough investigations, analyse data, and draw meaningful conclusions.

Career Advancement

As a senior executive, a DBA offers access to unparalleled career prospects and advancement pathways, spanning executive roles, consulting engagements, and esteemed leadership appointments. This program furnishes individuals like yourself with the expertise and acumen essential for excelling in leadership capacities, enabling substantial contributions to both your organisation and industry at large.

Ph.D. vs DBA: Choosing the Right Path

Both DBA and Ph.D. are top-level qualifications, requiring a major research project and a written thesis. However, their focus and career paths differ. 

A DBA equips you with practical research skills to tackle real-world business problems in today’s challenging business environment and advance your industry career.

A Ph.D. prepares you for a research-intensive academic career, contributing new knowledge to your chosen field.

Let’s see the detailed comparison.

Table DBA vs Ph.D 2000x300
Table DBA vs Ph.D phone view

Course Timeline | Year 1


Course Timeline | Year 2

DBA Course

Empower Yourself to Drive Business Innovation

The purpose is to provide a qualification with

 ✅The competency to address complex problems of modern business

 ✅Applying advanced research methods and interdisciplinary knowledge

 ✅Showing independent and critical thinking ability, building towards Sustainable Development Goals

 ✅Development of new and applicable knowledge in an area of business, to lead and manage an organisation effectively in a global and rapidly changing environment.

 ✅Engage in stimulating discussions, exchange ideas, and collaborate with bright minds, propelling your personal and professional growth to new heights.

Our Graduate Profile:
A Distinguished Business Leader

✅Academically qualified and equipped with skills to carry out scholarly research.

✅Able to work independently and with minimum supervision.

✅They are sensitive to their operating environment and to the factors that can enhance the effectiveness of their work as researchers.

✅Critical in their thinking, measured in their approach and scholarly in their analysis, evaluation and synthesis of new and complex ideas.

✅Creative, resourceful, able to work in teams and with leadership qualities.

✅Able to communicate effectively and prepare scholarly papers.

✅Responsible, ethical and committed to promoting good behaviour and deeds that meet professional standards and organisational demands and societal expectations

DBA Course

Entry Requirements

These qualifications are designed for mature-age learners.

 English skills equal to 6.5 IELTs or passed the English test by IBAS or IBAS’s partner

Recognised Master’s degree approved by IBAS.


Bachelor’s degree in relevant field plus 10 years of management experience in the business field.


Don't delay your learning goals any longer.

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