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How to get Recruited as a HRBP While Still Learning
How to get Recruited as a HRBP While Still Learning

How to get Recruited as a HRBP While Still Learning

With the growing popularity of the HRBP, you might be left behind if you fail to include the role in your career aspirations. This is because there are more serious business problems that can only be addressed by HR practitioners with a high level of strategic skills. Besides, you should realize that you are the one seeking opportunities, and not the other way round.

In addition, many organizations are remodeling their HR structures to make sure that HR professionals harmonize people management and business skills for more effective service delivery and speedy decision-making processes. This will make the organization foolproof, especially during times of change and disruption. In other words, the HR business partner model allows organizations that adopt it to make quicker business changes and decisions.

Tips to be Recruited as a HRBP

Irrespective of your current position in your HR roles, you can get recruited as a HRBP while you are still learning. It should be noted that the HRBP role depends hugely on company size, sector, and culture. In some companies, the HRBP is also the HR generalist, who tends to demonstrate good understanding of the business and align strategic skills to the organization goals.

Nevertheless, the following tips will help you secure an opportunity to be recruited as a HRBP.

Demonstrate your Knowledge of a Sound recruitment Process

The recruitment process demands the investment of a considerable amount of time and other resources. An HR business partner must be able to work with the HR department on the organization needs, culture, and team dynamics, all of which form the foundation of a strategic recruitment process.

The hr business partner job description must be reviewed in such a way that the skills and requirements for the organization must be met by prospects. This, however, depends on whether the position is new or the recruitment is only necessary for replacement.

Understand the Organization’s Future Needs

Usually a recruiter would want to ensure a successful partnership with candidates whose experience, skill set, and aspirations align with their organizational goals. Before deciding to take an offer, you – just like a professional HRBP that you are or aspiring to become – must understand the offer and what the future needs of the organization would be.

This requires that you position yourself as an industry expert that is familiar with trends and aligns their skills with current market demands. You also have to put in place policies and practices that can help the people management processes conform to the new ways of doing business, especially as it concerns operational processes.

Have some Experience Working Outside HR

Choosing to work in the HR role doesn’t always require that you must have been an HR professional all your life. In fact, there is a growing trend where people with new commercial insight but with no HR experience are brought to be HR Directors.

However, such individuals must possess the right technical knowledge that can cover up for their lack of experience in the HR role. To stand a better chance of getting recruited, you should spend some time exploring other industries too. The experience you gather from such an exploration will complement your skills as an HR professional.

Have Contact with Different Cultures

The current business world is characterized by workforce diversity, where different cultures have come into contact with one another. This implies that what is appealing to an employee from a particular cultural background might be offensive to the other. An HR Business Partner has a significant role to play in ensuring that a balance is achieved among employees in times of conflict. Such experience is also required during the recruitment process. They make sure that prospects are given equal opportunities to demonstrate their skills. Through that, the best talents would be selected, independent of their cultural backgrounds.

Get Involved in HR Projects

Building your knowledge in the hrbp role starts with getting yourself involved in numerous HR projects. This may include sitting in on as many meetings as you can find. By doing so, you stand a better chance to hone your leadership, communication, analytical, and administrative skills.

These are all critical to relating to and with people. It also gives you a clearer view on the right culture to build. Remember that the right culture is the driving factor of a good customer experience, which in turn leads to huge financial outcomes. You would also be able to get teams working in a highly collaborative environment.


In conclusion, the HR career path is a linear one. Most organizations select candidates based on their years of experience in an HR role. This also includes supervisory or management experience. However, considering the fact that you are still running your education while you also seek an opportunity to work as an HRM professional, it is recommended that you do a professional degree that has work experience in it. In other words, having an undergrad degree or Master’s in human resource management in Malaysia or business administration, make sure you have some management experience while still learning, probably in a business school.

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