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Managing Employee Misconduct & HR Documentation

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Managing Employee Misconduct & HR Documentation

Given the current unpredictable business environment, HR leaders are now playing a crucial part in a significant shift in the industry. Companies are placing greater emphasis on talent management and recognizing the vital role of HR executives, who have never been more essential to the company’s success. Discover effective methods to drive change in your organization; the learning outcomes for Managing Employee Misconduct & HR Documentation focus on developing the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to effectively address and manage instances of employee misconduct while maintaining accurate and compliant HR documentation. It is an opportunity for you to enhance your ability to handle disciplinary issues and maintain thorough HR records, thereby advancing your career in human resources or related fields.

Learning Outcomes

A deep understanding of Malaysian labour laws and regulations pertaining to employee misconduct, including the Employment Act 1955 and the Industrial Relations Act 1967

Familiarity with the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness in handling employee misconduct cases

Proficiency in effectively communicating with relevant stakeholders, including employees, unions, and regulatory authorities, in cases of misconduct

The ability to conduct thorough and unbiased investigations into allegations of employee misconduct, adhering to legal requirements and due process

Proficiency in identifying various forms of employee misconduct, their implications, and legal ramifications in the Malaysian context

Knowledge of best practices for creating and maintaining comprehensive HR documentation related to employee misconduct investigations

Skill in developing and implementing preventive measures and strategies to mitigate employee misconduct in the workplace

Skill in drafting clear, concise, and legally sound documentation, including warning letters, disciplinary reports, and termination letters

Day 1 : 

1. Grievance Handling

2. Discipline at Workplace

3. Misconduct at Workplace
4. The Disciplinary Procedure in line with the Law of Natural Justice

5. The Domestic Inquiry

6. Post Domestic Inquiry

Managing Employee Misconduct & HR Documentation

Course Information


2 days on a weekend class


Micro-Credential IUKL & EDUK8U Grad School Asia

Program Fee

100% HRD claimable
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